Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

I pulled a muscle in my back when I was about 10 weeks pregnant and cannot thank Lena enough for her skilled work in helping me get through it. She is professional, knowledgeable and very good at what she does; I feel lucky to have found her and wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend her - be it for a specific problem or otherwise."
Christina H., full-time mom, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Massage during all trimesters of pregnancy with expert licensed massage therapists.

We are all highly experienced in prenatal and postpartum massage and will offer precise deep tissue work during your perinatal period - we will not shy away from deep pressure out of ignorance of what is safe during pregnancy as is so common to find elsewhere. You can safely receive massage with us during all trimesters of pregnancy. With a practice owned by a reproductive health expert, perinatal massage instructor, birth doula, lactation counselor and childbirth educator, you can be assured that you are in the best hands at Red Moon Wellness. Owner, Lena DeGloma has experience teaching prenatal massage to other massage therapists and has written state-approved prenatal massage curriculum for an accredited massage therapy program here in NY. We have helped many pregnant clients with sciatic pain, swelling (edema) of the hands and feet, low back pain, SI (sacroiliac) joint paint, insomnia, digestive trouble, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, stress relief, and relief of general muscle tension and pain. Many of our pregnant clients purchase a massage package and see us throughout their prenatal and postpartum period. Studies show the greatest benefit for those who receive regular massage during their pregnancy (although even one or two sessions can be highly beneficial). Evidence-based health benefits of perinatal massage are described in the section below.

During prenatal massage, you will be able to lie comfortably on your side with the support of pillows and bolsters (during the first trimester you may lie face down). We will focus on your specific needs depending on your stage of pregnancy and your individual experience. Many of our clients who have had prenatal massage elsewhere tell us that this is the first time they've had prenatal massage that has used deep enough pressure and been effective at pain relief. In your first trimester, it is safe to receive massage (as long as it is with a therapist who is properly trained, as we are). It can be helpful with fatigue, nausea, etc. In your second and third trimesters we can help with physical discomforts such as those listed above. Toward the end of your pregnancy, we can help prepare your body for labor and even do acupressure and cupping therapy to help stimulate labor if you are near or past your due date.

I went to see Lena after I had my third child. She let me bring my baby with me to the massage and when the baby got fussy, I had her on my chest and at my side while still getting a massage. Absolutely AMAZING!

Our postpartum massage focuses on physical recovery and rejuvenation after childbirth, giving you some space to focus on how your own body is feeling, and to relieve stiffness, tension, and pain associated with caring for a newborn. You can come for massage as soon after giving birth as you like and you even have the option to bring your newborn** to postpartum appointments **Temporarily Suspended due to COVID (this works well as long as your baby is under three months old and breastfeeding well without any major issues latching or problems with excessive crying such as colic). We have worked with clients experiencing back pain and stiff neck from holding and feeding a newborn as well as the wrist and thumb pain that is common postpartum. Massage can also help to realign the pelvis following childbirth and relieve swelling or edema in the legs and feet that is common following childbirth if you received IV fluids or pitocin during labor. Massage may even help increase milk production through reduction in blood cortisol levels (stress hormones). We are also trained in breast massage which can be helpful for a variety of lactation related issues.

It's so amazing that I was able to get body work and bring [my baby] along. So rarely is that type of patience granted women in the 4th trimester. There was also something very healing about [the baby] and I being on the table together in a peaceful room while you worked on my [cesarean] scar. The moment has resonated with me as one that let me reclaim a small bit of what is lost in the traumatic meeting of a c-section birth. Much gratitude!
Finally, we offer scar tissue massage and castor oil packs to support recovery from cesarean section (direct scar tissue massage and castor oil packs can begin about 4-6 weeks after sugery, but you can receive general massage as soon after surgery as you are ready - we can modify your positioning to accomodate a surgery site).


Lena also offers massage during labor as a part of her birth doula care.


Health Benefits

To read more about each individual benefit listed (including references to the studies) you can read Lena's Guide to the Benefits of Massage (PDF). Lena also wrote an article for Choices in Childbirth's Blog on the benefits of prenatal and labor massage called The Touch of Health for Mom & Baby.

During pregnancy:


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