About Our Bodywork Techniques

"Lena is a massage therapist's massage therapist, which is to say her sessions are effective, efficient, anatomically specific and thorough. She has great intuition and smart hands, her work felt comprehensive and readily integrated."
P.Mullins, Licensed Massage Therapist, Brooklyn

We integrate a variety of massage and bodywork techniques into our sessions for people of all gender identities and body types. All of our therapists are trained and highly skilled in prenatal massage. You can read more about each of our therapists' backgrounds, training, and modalities here. Our clients generally find our work to be painlessly deeper, more specific and focused than the most of the massage they have received in the past. Beyond merely relaxing the body like most typical massage, our deep focused work releases patterns of tension and pain held on the myofascial (muscular/connective tissue) level. If desired, we can also do less deep, more relaxing and restorative work. Based on your goals for our sessions, we integrate the following modalities:

Connective Tissue Therapy (Deep Tissue Massage)

A form of myofascial release, Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT) is a relative of Rolfing® and Structural Integration®. CTT works with the body's connective tissue (also known as fascia).

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Neuromuscular Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy)

A form of myofascial release, also known as trigger point therapy, this modality works with the trigger points (commonly known as "knots") that form in muscle and connective tissue as a result of repetitive motion or overuse of certain muscles, emotional stress, trauma, injury, etc.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is probably the most well known type of Western massage.

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Shiatsu (Acupressure)

Shiatsu (meaning "finger pressure") is a Japanese technique that involves stimulating points along the body's meridians (channels in which "Ki" or "Qi," meaning vital energy, travels throughout the body).

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Cupping Therapy (Fire Cupping)

Cupping is an ancient technique that was once practiced in virtually every culture in the world. Today it is somewhat of a lost art in most of the world, but it is experiencing a revival in parts of Europe and the US and is still commonly practiced by acupuncturists and those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Prenatal, Postpartum & Labor Support Massage

The massage that we practice surrounding pregnancy and labor involves an integration of many of the modalities & techniques described on this page, with a focus on the specific needs and intricacies of the stage of pregnancy (or labor or postpartum). Here is more information on our prenatal/postpartum massage. Labor support massage is a part of Lena's birth doula care.

Massage for Breast Health

We offer breast massage with your consent to support breast health in a variety of ways. Lymphatic drainage from the breast is important for everyone with breasts, and breast massage is also beneficial for a variety of breastfeeding and lactation issues, breast pain, pre- and post-surgery (for cancer, breast reduction, augmentation, and top surgeries for transgender individuals), fibrocystic breasts, lymphedema, and more.

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Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs involve the use of warm castor oil soaked into a flannel cloth, which is placed over a specific area of the body and topped with a heat pack for 15 or 30 minutes as an add-on treatment to your massage session.

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Medical Massage

Medical massage can involve a blend of a variety of modalities.

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Kinesthetic Awareness through Movement (KAM)

KAM is a relative of Trager®. This modality involves rhythmic, gentle, flowing, rocking, swinging, stretching, shaking, and movement.

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Energy Work

Energy work is a general category for a variety of techniques. In our practice, we each integrate a variety of modalities including polarity therapy, Reiki, reflexology, and work with the chakra and meridian systems.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST)

BCST works with the central nervous system in order to affect the whole body, mind and spirit.

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Hydrotherapy involves the therapeutic use of hot and cold water applications such as hot towels, compresses and soaks.

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