Services & Rates

60 mins. $130 75 mins. $160 90 mins $180
Individual Massage Therapy Sessions

Holistic Massage Details

Prenatal Massage Details

Postpartum Massage Details

Birth Prep Massage Details

Menstrual Relief Massage Details

Breast/Chest Health Massage Details

60 mins. $145 75 mins. $175 90 mins $195
CBD Oil Massage

Your individually customized session includes whole-plant organic Cannabis (CBD) oil extract applied topically to your problem areas...

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75 mins. $180 90 mins. $200 $210 90 mins
+ Holistic Table Massage Combo
Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage takes place clothed on a mat on the floor. This modality incorporates massage with assisted stretching and is highly invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

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30 mins. $55
Castor Oil Pack Add On

30 minutes castor oil pack added on to your 60 minute massage.

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$225 Initial Visit
1hr 45mins.

$160 Follow-up Visit
75 mins
Abdominal Massage
for Reproductive & Digestive Health

Abdominal and lower back massage for increasing blood, lymph, and qi flow to the reproductive and digestive organs.

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$140 60 Mins
Infant Massage Instruction for Parents
(Currently offered virtually due to pandemic)

Learning infant massage is an excellent way to bond with your baby and help increase their body awareness as they grow and develop.

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massage room
Services temporarily suspended due to COVID-19
We look forward to resuming our full array of services and amenities as soon as it becomes safe and practical to do so. Read more about our COVID safety changes.
Couples Massage

Just like our holistic massage, but in a shared room with your loved one. We can also book couples at the same time in separate rooms.

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$35 15 Mins
Sinus Relief Add On

Session includes steam, hot towels, essential oils and specific facial acupressure points to clear blockages and help you breathe more easily.

$35 15 Mins $55 30 Mins
Cupping Therapy Add-on

Cupping is an ancient technique using glass or silicone cups to create suction to improve local circulation,

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$55 30 Mins
Hot Stone Massage Add-on

Hot stones are used to add pressure and heat into specific problem areas in addition to our usual hands-on massage therapy.

We are also currently not offering:
  • Face Massage & TMJ/intra-oral Massage
  • Option to bring newborn to postpartum massage
  • 30 Minute Massages
  • Eye pillows (we can offer a pillow case to cover your eyes if light bothers you)
  • Service or tea or snacks (we are offering individually wrapped organic fair trade dark chocolate after your session in lieu of our usual self-service snack area)