Pre/Postnatal Massage Reviews

Lena is magic! I just went to her yesterday for a prenatal massage, and it was incredible. I've received prenatal massages in the past, and I have always been disappointed with the amount of pressure they have used when they massage me on my side. Lena was able to give me the deeper massage that I was looking for, but it was also incredibly relaxing. She obviously knows what she is doing, and found (and worked out) knots I didn't even know I had. I liked her so much I bought a 3-massage package from her.
I went to Lena for the first time when I was 7 months pregnant with my son. She offered the perfect balance of deep massage and soothing relaxation. Her knowledge of the pregnant body made me feel comfortable right away.
G.A.Professor, Brooklyn
Lena is a superb practitioner of prenatal massage. She not only helped me feel amazing but also provided great information that has helped me sleep comfortably on my side as my belly and baby grows. I highly recommend regular visits to Lena for prenatal massage. Also, I was so beyond satisfied with Lena's skill as a body worker and her ability to make me feel comfortable and calm that I have hired her as massage therapist-birth doula for my upcoming delivery. So far, her visits with my husband and I have helped us feel confident and excited about our baby's birth. I am grateful to have her assistance at this very important time for us!
A.C.New Jersey
Lena is great! I have been to her several times for prenatal massage, and she has worked out the uncomfortable "kinks" in my lower back. She even gently massages your face, which feels amazing! Her studio is very clean and comfortable, the atmosphere very soothing, and the location very convenient. I look forward to my postnatal massages with her!
A. R.Brooklyn
Lena is an excellent massage therapist. I went to see her for a series of weekly massages after I gave birth. She helped me enormously with everything from the leg pains I'd gotten from being stretched during delivery to the back and neck aches I suffered during the first few weeks of nursing. She also worked on areas of my body that had gotten out of whack during pregnancy--my hips in particular. She's extremely intuitive and skilled, and she knows which areas can be worked rigorously shortly after delivery vs. which should be treated delicately until the body has had time to recover on its own. I highly recommend her.
Lena is amazing. I found Lena after my daughter threw my back out in her attempt to turn during the third trimester. I was unable to walk for three days while she was stuck in a transverse position. Once she turned back breech, then I was able to stand up again. However she had done a number on the muscles of my lower back. I went to Lena in significant pain. After a few visits I was in better shape than before my daughter tried turning. Lena is an incredibly talented message therapist & I highly recommend her to all women looking for a much needed prenatal massage.
M.H.S Photographer, Brooklyn
I went to Lena during the last month of my pregnancy and couldn't believe how relaxed she made me! I felt weightless, which was quite an accomplishment at my size. Lena's space is lovely, as well as her gentle approach. I highly recommend Lena for prenatal and others.
I'm also a massage therapist and am 8 months pregnant - Lena is amazing at addressing problem areas and consistently provides top-notch bodywork. I have received more massages than most, and Lena is the best I've found!
A.F.Massage Therapist, Queens
At 7 1/2 months pregnant I was given a gift certificate for a well needed pre-natal massage. When I went in Lena was professional, informative and made you feel comfortable. Her massage relieved much tension and I left feeling so much better and relaxed. She also took time answering many questions about pregnancy, birthing options and provided books and pamphlets and recommendations to various childbirth classes. Finally she followed up with additional information as well. I highly recommend her services. She is fantastic!
I came to Lena hugely pregnant and feeling like a whale. It was August, I was uncomfortable and would have loved it if Lena had just helped me go into early labor! But Lena was far too professional for that. Lena listened to me and together we came up with a plan of how we would use massage to alleviate most of my discomfort and a date for when she could start working pressure points to stimulate labor. I walked away from that first session feeling completely different and wishing I could go every day. Throughout the sessions I had with Lena she was always warm, generous and obviously well-informed. If she was available at the time I would have loved Lena to be by my side throughout the labor. Of course I also had to go back for a postpartum appointment too - and it was just as good as the pre-natal. Don't hesitate to book with Lena if you are feeling like I was.
L.G. Professor, Brooklyn
I met Lena when I was 8.5 months pregnant. She helped soothe and relax my sore spots during my last month of pregnancy, and after every session, I felt like a new person. Not only is she a fabulous massage therapist, but her office is clean and zen-like....truly a breath of fresh air from the chaos of the city. I highly recommend her!
Thank you Lena, your massages helped my pregnancy and Labor!! I received a package massage from friends and I enjoyed this wonderful gift.. and then I continued to purchase massage packages, and again and again. Lena was so gentle and nice, and helped with my neck and sciatic problem. Lena gave me and my husband her labor workshop and it was very helpful, a lot of information, tips, suggesttions [...]. My last massage was two hours before my labor.. she helped to start the labor.. Thank you again for your support!!
I miss Lena so much now that she has moved to Brooklyn! I went to her for post-natal massage (even though I had a coupon for the prenatal massage) and it was heavenly. I definitely recommend the 90-minute version! Lena did wonders towards healing the back pain I experienced while adjusting to new motherhood. She has a sensitive touch and intuitive warmth about her. I give her credit for helping me avoid PPD [Postpartum Depression].

Other Massage Reviews

When I first went to Lena, I was suffering from severe leg/back pain which visits to multiple chiropractors, acupuncturists and another masseuse had done nothing to help. Lena listened closely, diagnosed the problem, and gave me one of the best massages of my life. She has a wide range of knowledge in overlapping areas - anatomy, physiology, many types of massage - and uses them together to treat your complaint. She cured me of pain then, and several times since. I can't recommend her highly enough.
G.F. Brooklyn
Lena is great! My wife and all of our friends go to her as well. I also refer my own patients to her, including pregnancy, so I trust her 100%. She has exceptional body knowledge, intuitive, friendly and professional. Whatever your needs, she has you covered. Very reasonably priced for the highest quality.
Billy VillanoM.S., LAc., Brooklyn Acupuncture
I have been visiting Lena at Red Moon Massage Therapy for one year. During this time she has provided me with the finest and most consistent massage therapy I have ever received. Lena is kind, direct and intuitive--simply a master of her vocation. Wherever I am experiencing discomfort--neck, back, hips, feet--Lena tailors the massage to perfectly address what I am feeling and knowing about my body. The only routine thing about Lena is her excellence. I would give her ten stars if I could. Highly recommended!
C.E. Performing Artist, Brooklyn
After yoga, running, stretching, nothing was getting rid of these [persistent knots in my back] so I went to Lena for a 90 minute massage. It was my first massage and pretty much life-changing. I felt high afterward and like my body was water. Lena had worked my painful wound tight muscles into a body of lightness. Her office was very relaxing and Lena worked silently only breaking the peaceful atmosphere with an occasional check-in to see if the pressure was too much or to try to relax certain muscles. Every time I have gone to Lena I have felt I have been in the hands of someone who truly cares about my specific needs and she genuinely is interested in helping people heal the mind and soul through the body.
L.A.Writer, Brooklyn
I went to Lena for a specific problem which she figured out - lymph system problem which affected my leg and life for a year, and she not only targeted the problem with her vast knowledge of the body, she talked her way through what she was doing to me each time but instead of going to a doctor and getting what would have been anti-inflammatory drugs I bought a package of massages I had the utter thrill of being over the problem! Her individualized care make her the best massage therapist I have ever gone to - she is just great. I highly recommend Lena.
I booked after reading the reviews [on yelp] and it's all true! Lena was super professional and left me wanting more, I'll definitely be back. My back pain was immediately relieved and she gave me some great tips on posture and stretching for my problem areas. Really fantastic massage, if you are considering it, go to Red Moon.
I started seeing Lena regularly while training for this year's NYC marathon. Before each session, she would ask me what was giving me trouble and then would target that area and alleviate whatever discomfort I was experiencing. No matter the problem, whether it be my hip, my knee, or my back from sitting at a computer all day, Lena's thorough and innovative bodywork techniques fixed it. Supplementing my training with visits to Red Moon made marathon training so much better. With the marathon behind me, I plan on continuing to see Lena.
I.S. Brooklyn
Before coming to Lena, I was a gardener with a bad back. Now I'm just a gardener with the ability to create the designs I want to. Just one session helped me regain control over my back muscles - but her fair pricing and package deals will keep me coming again for continued health and maintenance.
A.S.Landscape Designer, Brooklyn
Lena at Red Moon Massage came highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed. She is a gifted practitioner with magically strong hands!
L.T.Professor & busy mom, Brooklyn
Love Lena - you should definitely book! She is fabulous at what she does and I always feel ten times better once I leave, all of my aches and pains melt away. I've been to many massage therapists and haven't gotten the same results as with Lena.
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