Rates below are for all types of massage therapy, cupping therapy, or infant massage instruction (you will choose your service when scheduling online). More information on cupping therapy and our massage techniques can be found here.

Add-ons (Cupping Therapy, Castor Oil Pack, or Hot Stone):

If you'd like a massage appointment plus cupping, hot stones, or a castor oil pack, you can add on 15 or 30 minutes (when booking online select your massage appointment and then select "add another" at the top of the page next to your chosen service).

15 minute add-on: $20

30 minute add-on: $40

We accept payment at the time of your session in the form of cash or check (we accept credit card for a fee). Massage packages are check or cash only and must be paid in full at the time of your first session in the package. The packages are valid for a full year from the date of purhcase (if you still have leftover sessions after one year you can purchase a new package and your leftover sessions will be rolled into your new package free of charge).

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